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ORYX Desert Salt - WINE

ORYX Desert Salt - WINE


Oryx Desert Wine Salt – Infused with Shiraz Red Wine (100g grinder)


Content : Course Oryx Desert Wine Salt – Infused with Shiraz Red Wine.


Contains Vital Minerals & Trace Elements

Oryx Desert Salt contains the essential minerals and trace elements, perfectly balanced by nature for your body to absorb and utilise for optimal functioning, vitality and health.


100% Pure

Just as it existed when traded ounce for ounce for gold eight thousand years ago. We add nothing and we take nothing away. Sourced from an uninhabitable area, no contamination and pollution free.


Sundried, Unrefined, No Additives

No additives, no anti-clumping agents, no preservatives. Dried by the hot African desert sun. Unrefined and unprocessed.


From an Ancient & Pristine Source

The ancient Dwyka rock formations, are geo-scientifically tested to be 250-300 million years old. The 50km2 salt pan is situated in the Kalahari Desert of 900,000km2, inside the Kalahari Basin which spans an area of 2.5 million km². 50km’s south of Botswana and +-250km north of Upington.


Loved by International Chefs

Oryx Desert Salt has a unique and exceptional taste, which enhances and enriches the flavour of your food. Chefs from around the world taste the difference.


Sustainable & Renewable

The underground streams converge and replenish an ancient underground lake of 55million tons from which the salt water is pumped, laid on the pan under the hot Kalahari sun and sun-dried. This process lives in harmony with the natural rainfall and the surrounding environment. We only extract what nature provides.


Packaging : Our ceramic-headed grinders can be refilled more than 10 times and offer a long lasting, smooth grind.


Additional Info : Wholefood that is natural, unrefined, sundried coarse salt, free from chemicals or additives.


It contains vital minerals & trace elements, perfectly balanced by nature – recognized and essential for your body.


Local & Sustainable – from a renewable source in a pristine and remote part of the Kalahari Desert

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