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Premium Imported Products

For Your Delectable Cuisine

We are providing premium imported products such as

Aqua-Cultural Oyster Tanks, Kalahari Desert Salt and many more to come.

We intend to create a food safety and hygiene environment for the oysters to stay fresh for longer and keep its natural and pure tastes, yet providing a huge profitability to our consumers.

Desert Salt & Black Pepper

Oryx Desert Salt contains the essential minerals and trace elements that are perfectly balanced by nature for your body to absorb and utilize for optimal functioning, vitality, and health. It is unrefined, unprocessed and 100% pure natural white desert salt crystals.

There's black pepper as well.

Live Oyster Display Units

The Oyster Tanks display is a practical convenient and highly visual way of displaying live oysters, mussels, clams and other shellfish.


The unit consists of a molded and insulated GRP (glass reinforced plastic) casing, a sea water circulation pump, bacterial and carbon filtration systems. The unit is mounted on castors thereby rendering it fully mobile. The storage tank incorporates an automatic first-in, first-out batch control system attractively displaying and storing of live products for sale.

What makes this product so unique? Click here for more details. 

Our tanks have such a good reputation that they are sought after worldwide. United States of America, Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy, China, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mauritius, Madagascar, and South Africa.

Charcoal Grill Equipment

We offers a range of Wood Fired Grills. Our Grills make a fantastic addition to your Architectural Build. As a result they are perfect for Commercial as well as Residential builds looking to add that love of fire.

“Built for the love of food, fire and passion, nothing is more satisfying than bringing these three components together” - Matthew Hawes - CEO and designer of Wood Fired Grill Company

We Ship Internationally

Coming Soon


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